I'm Shawn.

I am a creative director, designer, filmmaker, and entrepreneur based in Vancouver, Canada. No matter the format, I solve business problems with strategy (games), content (stories), and design (beauty).

I get excited about working with diverse teams of great people that make awesome things possible. I provide leadership to grow the creative confidence and capabilities of the people I work with. I've been a member of small in-house creative teams that scaled up to create a big impact by pushing the boundaries of what is possible. 

I work freelance with forward-thinking clients and create new brands with my independent creative company, MAKE TODAY. In the past I have led creative projects at Destination British Columbia, Hootsuite, and Vancouver 2010. 



I help you determine who you are now, who you want to be in the future, how you want people to feel about you, and what steps to take to make your aspirations real.

I define how your company looks, speaks, and behaves and then implement systems and guidelines to ensure consistency across your organization.

Design is the bridge between what is now to what the future could be. I work closely with your organization to design solutions to business problems.

Campaigns, websites, film, photography, social, editorial, __________. I work in any creative medium with emotion and craft guiding the way.

I have led high-functioning internal creative teams that started small and grew to make a big impact. I consult with organizations that want to build their creative capabilities.

I've seen and done a lot during my career, I help internal creatives level-up without leaving your organization in search of new challenges.

Email is the future. Seriously.
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