January 1, 2022


My annual calendar design explores the beauty and possibility of imperfection.

I wanted my design to break free of modernity. This year I'm trying to leave behind the rational and over-optimized to embrace the imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.  

Download and print your own, if you'd like. Let's kick the heck out of 2020+2.

View my series of calendars here.


December 30, 2020


2021 Calendar by Shawn Parkinson

2021, it has a nice ring to it. 

My thoughts on my annual calendar design exploration at the end of this very odd year kept coming back to one idea: I want the calendar to be very clear that it’s not 2020 any more. 

So here it is, 2021 is very large in a typeface I designed this year for some custom house numbers that I’m calling “compound”. (Yay for trying new things while in lockdown!) 

Download and print your own, if you like, as we all move forward into 2021. 


July 2, 2020

Moving On

A little over 4 years ago, I joined Destination British Columbia as their first-ever in-house creative. And now I am leaving my position at DBC to pursue a new opportunity in 2 weeks.

Thank you to DBC for the chance of a lifetime to shape how the Super, Natural British Columbia™ brand comes to life through design and video. 

Thank you to the very strong team in the Creative Studio and Global Brand & Content Team that produce outstanding work and are a pleasure to be around to every day. 

Thank you to all the creative partners I've worked with over the years. I'm proud of the strong, collaborative relationships we have built. 

I have grown so much in the last 4 years and am very proud of what our team has achieved together. 

What's next? News on that is coming soon. And I'm always consulting with forward-thinking clients that want to explore what's possible with their brand and organizational creativity.  Get in touch. ✌️


May 23, 2020

The James Cut


8 weeks ago, our Destination BC Creative Studio team and our creative partners 123W were producing our Dream of Later video that we released at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown. One afternoon, I recorded my son James reading the script at home on my phone. It was really fun to involve the family in my work at home during that odd first couple weeks of our new normal.

And then the next week we created an alternate version of the video using James' voice over. I'm very proud of our original video and how the team conceptualized and produced a video in less than a week and don't want to undercut it or the team's awesome work.

But I'm also very emotionally attached to this version. Because I'm a super biased proud dad. Because of the look of wonder on James' face when I played it for him. Because of the tears from grandparents as we watched on FaceTime while they screened this video. Because it helped our family feel like we took a little control back from a situation that felt out of our control.

So to celebrate many things; how British Columbian's came together to follow Dr. Bonnie Henry's leadership, BC's reopening, BC's healthcare and essential workers... I present my director's cut of our Dream of Later video, known affectionately around DBC's Creative Studio and my house as "The James Cut".


February 8, 2020

Vancouver 2010 + 10

Yes, that's me. And that is an Olympic pictogram that looks like me.

I’m celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Vancouver 2010 this month. 

What a great team. What a prolific and amazing time of creating without fear, only optimism. 

We did amazing things together because the organization, from bottom all the way to the top, believed in and trusted our team’s talent and let us do awesome things. 


August 21, 2018

Thank you, Leo

Leo Obstbaum 
26/10/1969 — 21/08/2009 

When I met Leo in 2006, I told him designing an Olympic Games is my dream. He said “You should come work with me, I want to work with dreamers.” 2 months later, I started at VANOC on the design team. I’m so thankful for our random meeting and the chance he took on me. 

Over the next 3+ years we made many things together, spent many late nights working together, went to concerts at Deer Lake Park, played ping pong, and had some really deep discussions. We had some disagreements along the way too. But I knew that no matter what happened at work, we would always be friends. I’m glad a few of us said that to Leo and he told us the same, while working late on his last night. 

I’m still thankful 9 years later for my his passion, child-like wonder, work ethic, Leo-isms, small celebrations, and mischievous looks. He cared about us and that care spread to the rest of our team, many of our Brand & Creative Services team are still some of my best friends. And look at all the things our team made together! Thank you for all you taught me, Leo. 🙌


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