Leo Obstbaum 
26/10/1969 — 21/08/2009 

When I met Leo in 2006, I told him designing an Olympic Games is my dream. He said “You should come work with me, I want to work with dreamers.” 2 months later, I started at VANOC on the design team. I’m so thankful for our random meeting and the chance he took on me. 

Over the next 3+ years we made many things together, spent many late nights working together, went to concerts at Deer Lake Park, played ping pong, and had some really deep discussions. We had some disagreements along the way too. But I knew that no matter what happened at work, we would always be friends. I’m glad a few of us said that to Leo and he told us the same, while working late on his last night. 

I’m still thankful 9 years later for my his passion, child-like wonder, work ethic, Leo-isms, small celebrations, and mischievous looks. He cared about us and that care spread to the rest of our team, many of our Brand & Creative Services team are still some of my best friends. And look at all the things our team made together! Thank you for all you taught me, Leo. 🙌