8 weeks ago, our Destination BC Creative Studio team and our creative partners 123W were producing our Dream of Later video that we released at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown. One afternoon, I recorded my son James reading the script at home on my phone. It was really fun to involve the family in my work at home during that odd first couple weeks of our new normal.

And then the next week we created an alternate version of the video using James' voice over. I'm very proud of our original video and how the team conceptualized and produced a video in less than a week and don't want to undercut it or the team's awesome work.

But I'm also very emotionally attached to this version. Because I'm a super biased proud dad. Because of the look of wonder on James' face when I played it for him. Because of the tears from grandparents as we watched on FaceTime while they screened this video. Because it helped our family feel like we took a little control back from a situation that felt out of our control.

So to celebrate many things; how British Columbian's came together to follow Dr. Bonnie Henry's leadership, BC's reopening, BC's healthcare and essential workers... I present my director's cut of our Dream of Later video, known affectionately around DBC's Creative Studio and my house as "The James Cut".