One Step Wilder – Ski 2018

I led the production and creative direction of Destination BC's 2018 ski campaign. Our team
assembled a number of creative partners to create amazing written and visual content to
show potential visitors British Columbia's ski experience is the wildest in the world.

Cinematography: Sherpas Cinema (Heli), Topo Films (Resort)
Editing: Jon Chiang
Music: Michael RED
Creative Direction and Producer: Shawn Parkinson

Bonus Content:
Where did we get all the amazing ski footage on a limited budget? We had to get creative
to make our budgets go further. I brought forward an idea to work with Sherpas Cinema
to support the production of their award winning film "Children of the Columbia".

We supported the film. We added amazing ski footage to our library that would otherwise not
be possible to produce on our budget. The film won a number of awards and convinced an 
audience of hard-core skiers that don't respond to advertising to ski in British Columbia.

Sherpas Cinema


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